Shake Up Congress!
Demand Our leaders Do better.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times: the Coronavirus health pandemic, an economic crisis larger than the Great Depression, and a grassroots uprising demanding the dismantling of racist systems and an end to murder and violence against black people. Income Movement is helping lead a grassroots movement that demands our government puts the health and wellbeing of people first, before institutions or corporations.

At the heart of all of these issues is the economy. Money is power. And far too little money is flowing into the hands of the people.

A basic, guaranteed income is essential to the restructuring of our economic system. We demand Congress pass bold economic legislation during this critical time. We demand they put people first.
Income Movement

Congressional Pressure actions: we can't let up

People are suffering under the current economic crisis brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. Congress should be providing regular, monthly payments to the people (adults and children) for the duration of this crisis. Supporting people means giving the money needed to cover basic necessities, which will boost local, state, and national economies.

demand senators fight for the people

The Senate is deadlocked and monthly payments are not currently even on the table. Our leadership continues to get it wrong, not understanding the dire financial situation million of people in the country are facing with this pandemic. We must tell Congress that ONE CHECK IS NOT ENOUGH. Let's speak together, in one unified voice that they MUST include monthly payments to people for the duration of this crisis.

Send the Letter

Tell President trump to make it monthly

The White House has been deeply involved in the Senate stimulus negotiations over the past few weeks - Trump just announced he will pass an Executive Order if Congress can't figure something out. This petition asks President Trump to use his power to include monthly payments to the people in the next stimulus package. This is the moment to do the right thing and alleviate suffering of millions of people.

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call your Senators

Writing a letter is great, making a phone call is also pretty amazing! Senators take notice when their constituents call them. Call the switchboard and get directed to your Senator: (202) 224-3121. Not sure who your Senators are? No problem! Click the link below to find them. When you get connected say: "I'm your constituent. I demand you include monthly cash payments to the people as part of the next stimulus bill."

Find your Senators

Tell McConnell and Schumer to do their jobs

The reason regular payments to the people are no yet instituted is because Senators Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer have not prioritized it. They are the Senate leadership and set the tone and focus for their parties. Sign the petition to tell them you disapprove of their inaction on this important issue and demand they pass Senate Bill S. 3784 today. It's an election year and we are paying attention.

Sign the petition

August #MyCovidCashStory

Many Congress members don't seem to understand or believe that things are dire for millions of people right now due the health and economic crisis this pandemic has created. We need to tell our stories. One social media, tell your story or the story of someone you love and tag your Senators and Representative so they get the message that their constituents need them to step up in this moment and pass legislation that will provide monthly payments during this crisis. Tag your posts with #MyCovidCashStory so we can track our impact!


The press is another area that we can apply pressure to Senators. Senate aides track the stories and issues that are brought up in local newspapers to better understand the needs of their constituents. We are organizing a targeted LTE campaign, focusing on key Senators in UT, VA, HI, OR, RI, NJ, FL, AR, MO to ensure monthly payments to the people are included in the next stimulus. Write a letter today.

tools to help

we Protested!
Shake up Congress Car Parade & July 11th People's Stimulus

On May 16th, people in cities across the country participated in the Shake Up Congress Protest and Car Parade. On July 11th and the 25th, people drove to the homes of Congress members and delivered The People's Stimulus demands. Both of these efforts supported $2000 / month for people during this crisis. The goal: send the message that Congress must do more to support people so we can stay safe and healthy during this pandemic.

If you think Congress should do better, you must take time to tell them now. Ask that they bail out people, not big businesses and corporations.

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