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Large-scale systemic change doesn't happen without people power. That's why Income Movement is helping lead a grassroots movement demanding that our government put the economic health and wellbeing of people first as we chart the course for recovery and beyond. We've created a direct action hub to empower you to do the work to help make basic income a reality.

You'll find tools to contact your elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels of government. From letter-writing campaigns to automatic calling tools, this is the place to make your voice is heard and ensure your representatives take your perspective into account when crafting policy. Learn more about Income Movement and how we're working to make basic income a reality.


In the work to get direct cash legislation at the state and national levels, Income Movement recognizes the need for a tool designed for long-term coalition building; something that can grow over time, as a centralized place to demonstrate to elected officials the size and scope of our movement.

This is why we created the I Support Basic Income Open Letter. The goal of this open letter is to accumulate millions of individual signers and thousands of organizations, businesses, and local, state and national elected officials to show that our movement isn't going away - it's getting stronger by the day. Add your name to the letter. Stand up and be counted!

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Support Child Tax Credit Permanency

The Expanded Child Tax Credit was a transformative policy that worked like a guaranteed income for kids. Millions of children were lifted out of poverty by supporting families with monthly checks. But with the extension having expired, it is unacceptable that congress is letting millions of children slip back into poverty. Take action today to let your elected officials know how important making the CTC permanent is.


With every passing month comes another round of rent, utility bills, and childcare costs. The expanded Child Tax Credit, getting distributed monthly, was a lifeline for millions of families. Without the expansion getting extended, millions of children are falling back into poverty as their parents struggle without the support of the CTC. We must continue to pressure our Congresspeople that monthly direct cash helps families in real ways and investing in children is the right thing to do.

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CALL CONGRESS TO extend & Protect the CTC

Your Representative and Senators take notice when their constituents call them, and they need to hear from us in this urgent moment. This link will take you to a tool that will connect you directly to them, and includes some key points and a script to follow! Flooding their phones is an important action we can do to make them prioritize protecting and extending this expanded Child Tax Credit.

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Petition delivery to Senate Offices

Help Mayors fight for Direct cash

The fight for direct cash and guaranteed income must happen at all levels of government. Grassroots can have a huge impact on local leadership, who can in turn influence elected officials at the state and federal level. From this truth, the 100 Mayors for Guaranteed Income Campaign is born.

The campaign is designed for constituents across the country to petition their Mayors, urging them to support guaranteed income.Through direct and public pressure, we can get 100 new Mayors to  support Guaranteed Income and influence federal legislation.

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Our Past Direct Actions

Signing a petition, contacting your representative, and spreading the word contributes to the momentum this movement needs to make basic income a reality. Those direct actions fuel the work of organizers on the ground. Check out these past actions that grow the movement.

Children Are Hungry #VOTE CTC Campaign

From Oregon to Florida, basic income advocates across the country spoke out for the #ChildTaxCredit on Feb. 3rd, using millions of grains of rice to create a collective show of force for this transformative policy.

Child Tax Credit Petition Delivery

On October 21st, activists delivered over 65,000 petition signatures to 13 members of Congress across the nation demanding that they protect and extend the Child Tax Credit. This direct action was coordinated in partnership with

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