people Must be at the Center of our Recovery

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. We have long been experiencing an economic crisis, a healthcare crisis, a housing crisis and more. All have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Income Movement is helping lead a grassroots movement that demands our government puts the economic health and wellbeing of people first as we chart the course for recovery and beyond. Congress must pass guaranteed basic income legislation to ensure people have a financial floor to stand on and the dignity to not just survive, but thrive.

At the heart of all of these issues is the economy. Money is power. And far too little money is flowing into the hands of the people.

A guaranteed basic income is essential to helping people maintain economic resilience — through recessions, natural disasters, economic fallouts, pandemics, and other crises we will face together. Help send the message to your elected officials: they must pass guaranteed basic income legislation now.
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Congressional Pressure actions

In the wake of the pandemic, we have millions of people experiencing unprecedented economic hardship. People are going hungry, being evicted from their homes, and struggling to deal with the financial devastation they have endured. Now is the time to demand more from our elected officials. Basic income is the solution to protecting our people from future economic volatility. Call. Write Tell Congress, they are on notice and that they must support people now.

demand Congress Support people's Recovery

With every passing month comes another round of rent checks and utility bills, and millions of people are unable to cover these basic expenses. Congress must do everything they can to ensure a speedy recovery to this economic crisis. Recurring stimulus checks is part of the solution. Ask your Congresspeople to join the 21 key Senators that are urging President Biden to include recurring stimulus checks in the Infrastructure Bill.

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Petition: Make Child Tax Credit permanent

The expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC) is a guaranteed income for families with children — families are receiving monthly checks up to $300 for each of their children, benefiting over 65 million kids — almost 90 percent of all American children. This will cut child poverty in half. But right now, this groundbreaking policy is only going to last through the end of the year. Tell Congress that this financial lifeline for children and families must be permanent. Sign the petition.

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Signing a petition is great, but making a phone call is also pretty amazing! Your Representative and Senators take notice when their constituents call them. This link will take you to a tool that will connect you directly to them, and includes some key points and a script to follow! Flooding their phones is an important action we can do to make them prioritize making the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent.

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Write a letter to the editor

Local, state, and federal legislators pay attention to the published letters in the Letters to the Editor section of large local papers. This is how they understand the priorities of their constituents. It is also a way to communicate your priorities with your community. Write a letter to your local paper about why you think direct cash to people is important for recovery and beyond. We have a tool that makes submitting easy!

tools to help

See in-person actions born from our Digital Campaigns

Petition delivery to Senate Offices

Past Due Delivery: Recurring Stimulus Checks

On Feb 4th, in partnership with, Economic Security Project, Income Movement and People's Bailout, we delivered petition signatures in-person and online to Senators, demanding $2000 Monthly Stimulus Checks for the duration of this crisis. Thank you to the amazing grassroots organizers that made this effort possible!

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Shake up Congress Car Parade & People's Stimulus

During the summer of 2020, people in cities across the country participated in the Shake Up Congress Protest and Car Parade and delivered The People's Stimulus demands to Congresspeople's homes and offices. These efforts were in support of $2000 recurring payments to people during this crisis. A clear message was sent: Congress must do more to support people so we are safe and healthy during this pandemic.

If you think Congress should do better, you must take time to tell them now. Ask that they bail out people, not big businesses and corporations.

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