Make it Monthly: Recurring stimulus Checks now

We find ourselves in unprecedented times: the Coronavirus health pandemic, an economic crisis that is leading to a housing and employment crisis not seen in generations, and a grassroots uprising demanding the dismantling of racist systems and an end to state violence against black people. Income Movement is helping lead a grassroots movement that demands our government puts the economic health and wellbeing of people first, before institutions or corporations. The fight is for Congress to pass legislation that includes recurring stimulus checks. They must #MakeItMonthly.

At the heart of all of these issues is the economy. Money is power. And far too little money is flowing into the hands of the people.

An emergency guaranteed income is essential to helping people weather the pandemic. We demand our leaders pass bold economic legislation during this crisis. We demand they put people first. They must Make It Monthly.
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Congressional Pressure actions

We have a new Congress and new presidential administration. We also have millions of people experiencing unprecedented economic devastation. The First 100 Days under this new leadership is a key time to demand they find innovative solutions that will save millions from going hungry and being evicted from their homes. Recurring stimulus checks is that solution. Help us send the message. Congress must Make It Monthly.

demand senators fight for the people

The New Congress means a new opportunity to demand Recurring Cash Payments be provided for The People.
It's up to us to set the tone for what's expected and how critical their fight for recurring cash payments are.
January is a critical month to get ahead of our representatives and let them know what this new Congress needs to prioritize.

Send the Letter

call Congress

Writing a letter is great, making a phone call is also pretty amazing! Your Representative and Senators take notice when their constituents call them. This link will take you to a tool that will connect you directly to them & includes some key points & a script to follow! Flooding their phones is an important action we can do to make them prioritize monthly stimulus checks.

call for cash Petition: Recurring Stimulus Checks

Recurring stimulus checks is how we recover from this crisis. And more than a dozen Senators agree! Senators Wyden, Sanders, Warren, Booker, and others sent an open letter to President Biden, asking his administration to include recurring cash payments to people as one of the economic stabilizers in new Recovery Legislation. Tell President Biden that you support these Senators’ letter. Help make sure cash to people is the priority of our president. Sign the petition.

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The press is another area that we can apply pressure to Senators. Senate aides track the stories and issues that are brought up in local newspapers to better understand the needs of their constituents. Write a letter-to-the-editor today telling the important story of why you and your community need monthly stimulus checks. Use the press to help pressure our leaders! Your voice can have a profound impact and shift the conversation for monthly stimulus checks. We'll let you know when your LTE gets published!

tools to help

Petition delivery to Senate Offices

On Feb 4th, in partnership with, Economic Security Project, Income Movement and People's Bailout, we delivered petition signatures in-person and online to Senators, demanding $2000 Monthly Stimulus Checks for the duration of this crisis. Thank you to the amazing grassroots organizers that made this effort possible!

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Sponsors of this action campaign

Income Movement

Humanity Forward

Fund for Humanity

Economic Security Project

Mayors for a Guaranteed Income

Universal Income Project

Humanity First Movement

The Justice Collaborative

If you think Congress should do better, you must take time to tell them now. Ask that they bail out people, not big businesses and corporations.

Past action!
‍‍Shake up Congress Car Parade & People's Stimulus

During the summer of 2020, people in cities across the country participated in the Shake Up Congress Protest and Car Parade and delivered The People's Stimulus demands to Congresspeople's homes and offices. These efforts were in support of $2000 recurring payments to people during this crisis. A clear message was sent: Congress must do more to support people so we are safe and healthy during this pandemic.